What can I earn

Let’s talk about money. Naturally, you wish to start making cash as fast as possible. The beauty of Daily Poppins’s business model is that you can begin receiving positive cash flow almost immediately after you start operating your business. This will happen provided you follow our training strictly and devote yourself to the cause.

The best part is that, how much you earn depends on you.

 Our business model has proven its efficiency over and over again and help many to achieve financial freedom. It is simple and easy to follow business plan that could be run entirely from your house. It doesn’t take all your time, and you don’t need to sacrifice precious hours with your loved ones. Still, the money you will make depends on several things that only you can execute.

Your work ethic

As we said, THIS IS NOT a business that you have to devote 24/7 of your time. However, a strong work ethic is a must for those who want to succeed and accomplish their goals. In the end, we all know, that to harvest firstly you need to plant.

Your motivation and devotion

All the beginnings are hard. But with determination and eagerness, you can achieve your goals and go further. All Olympic champions become who they are, simply, because they didn’t give up.

Your aspiration to learn and develop

Nobody is born knowing, so we don’t expect from you to become an expert in no time. We will provide with all the needed information and teach you our business methods. But then, to continue further and grow your business, it is up to you how you will implement, develop and use those techniques. Naturally, we are right beside you and always ready to assist and help you. However, you are the one who knows best your area and have a connection with the local communities, so it is up to you to make the most of it.

Representing a well-established brand will help you to gain momentum

For over 20 years in business Daily Poppins, established itself as a market leader in domestic cleanings service and recognizable brand in over 50 areas nationwide. Joining our network of franchisees will give you the benefit of not only using a business strategy with proven efficiency but also capitalizing on a brand with an excellent reputation.

 The primary source of your income is the service sales. There is two type of sales – a one-off and regular ones. It is our mission to provide excellent cleaning service and achieve 100% customer service satisfaction. So, the main focus of your work is to increase the number of regular sales. This will stabilize your business and provide you with a steady income.

 A great benefit of Daily Poppins is that you are not dependable on one client. As a result, your business is not threatened by major clients leaving, a common problem for small or start-up business. Operating our franchise means that it is not being controlled and dictated by clients who contribute to a large proportion of your turnover.

 The domestic cleaning market in the UK is a massive £3 billion industry that continues to grow by the day. As people are working more hours, the last thing they want to do in their free time is to think of cleaning and domestic chores. The expanding of the sector is also connected with the increasing number of two-income households, single parents and people living together. In a few words – more and more people require help in the house.

 Daily Poppins offers you an opportunity to step into this lucrative market and become part of our growing franchise network. With decades of experience and a well-known brand, you can rest assured that we will provide you with all support to make your business a success. Our business model is developed in a way that helps our franchisees achieving the important balance of work-life. Furthermore, we operate in a way that quickly turns into positive cash flow and enables franchisees to grow their businesses even in uncertain economic times.

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