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Daily Poppins Full Story

Today Daily Poppins is one of the UK’s greatest success stories in the cleaning industry, operating in over 50 territories across the country and bringing millions of income to its franchise members.

Nigel Bearman and his wife Theresa own the company and operate its growing franchise network from their residence base in Reading, England. In today’s term, the turnover of their business, only in Reading’s area equals over £1,000,000. Daily Poppins’ success formula is implemented across all their franchisees, changing the lives of hundreds of people who believed that they can succeed.


But every success story has its humble beginnings…

Nigel has always had an entrepreneur streak and founded his first business in his early twenties. At that time he was living in Germany, and his company was operating in the building industry. However, despite the success of his endeavour, the German construction market began to slow down, and Nigel turned his look back to the UK. After he returned, he considered on several projects before settling on providing a home cleaning service. His wife, Theresa, helped for that decision. She had already previous experience in-home care and cleaning services. They also had been using services from other cleaning companies before but without complete satisfaction. Therefore, in 1997 Nigel and Theresa have decided it is the right time to launch a domestic cleaning service that will tick all customer expectations with excellent quality.


“Anything can happen if you let it”*

Daily Poppins launched it its first bright red vehicles in Reading, England. Although the competition in the area was significant, that was seen as a chance to educate the market for home cleaning services whilst not providing a substantial threat to the successful development of the business. Much like the popular beloved movie character with a similar name, Daily Poppins aimed to be “Perfect in every way” and to establish a significant client base with a 100% satisfactory rate.

Not long after the launch of the company and lots of hard work, Daily Poppins began to receive more and more enquiries. By the end of the year, the vibrant red vehicles were well known in the local community, becoming one of the largest service providers in the area. The success allowed Nigel and Theresa to focus more on planning and developing the business for the future which led to increasing of income from £460k in the second year of operation to £600k three years later. In today’s terms, the turnover in Reading equates to £1,000,000; remaining the market leader in the area.


“There’s the whole world at your feet”

Since the beginning of Daily Poppins, for Nigel and Theresa has always stood the idea of expanding the business through franchising and becoming the leading UK owned, home cleaning service both in term of size and innovation, and ultimately grow internationally.

Therefore, they have always put a lot of attention to developing methods and systems that could be implemented through the franchise network. With persistence and strong work ethic, the Daily Poppins franchise network nowadays includes over 50 members operating nationwide. The booming success of the organisation brought Trevor White who joined Nigel to help with Franchise Support and Operations both for existing Franchisees and also in the development of new Franchisees.

The strength of the established brand name and the network structure assists the Daily Poppins’ franchisees to achieve their success far more quickly. Additionally, the business operates in such a way, that soon returns into positive cash flow. Furthermore, our unique market approach enables the franchisees to grow their business even in uncertain times and economic difficulties.


“Today or never, that’s my motto”

One of Daily Poppins’ secrets for success is our enthusiasm and positive attitude. Therefore, we search for like-minded people to join our franchise network.

With Daily Poppins franchise, you can build a successful and reliable business, without having any previous experience in cleaning or management. We will share with you our proven business formula that brought success to over 50 branches in the UK and Ireland and brought millions of income.

We will not promise you an overnight success, but we guarantee, with our impeccable system and help and your devotion, positive thinking and hard work you can change your life and achieve the success and financial freedom you always wanted.

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*All cited quotations are from “Mary Poppins”.